Home made dishes

Goat Meat and Spaghetti

Goat meat cooked in casserole in low fire with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and small Santorini tomatoes cooled with Visanto wine – thick spaghetti boiled in the meat sauce

Goat with oil and oregano

Stewpot goat, cooked in olive oil, and fresh lemon juice seasoned with oregano and served with potatoes, baked in oven or fried potatoes

Young goat meat with garden vegetables

Young goat meat cooked in low fires in casserole in olive oil, fresh onions, leak, dill, lettuce, white beat, spinach and fresh lemon juice

Hounkiar Begienti

Recipe of Constantinople, chopped veal meat cooked in stewpot with fresh tomato, onion, garlic, carrot, celery. Served with smoked mashed eggplant

Veal casserole

Local fresh veal in casserole, sautéed in olive oil, fresh lemon juice, cooled with Muscat Limnos wine. Served with fresh mashed potato.

Veal ankle

Veal ankle portion, oven cooked with fresh tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, mushrooms, parsley and Muscat wine. Served with fresh mashed potato

Wild boar in onion sauce

Cooked with herbs, onions, garlic and olive oil

Cock in tomato sauce

Cock in the pan, cooled off with white wine, tomato, served with fried potatoes or pasta

Pork with plums

Pork fillet filled with plums, leek, celery, cooked in the oven


Rabbit fried in the pan, cooled off with white wine, cooked in stewpot with onion, garlic, green leek, pepper

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